To My Graduation

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i was living near my campus for the whole last month, because of which, i barely felt anything when everyone was saying goodbye to each other. i could still go to my school for food or fun, just like before.

the only difference i noticed, was that i can never …

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Parsing Large XML With Go

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i have a huge XML file (about 700MB) generated by masscan, initially i was trying to use masscan-web-ui to parse the file, which was extremely slow of course (have to admit that Offensive Security has done a great job for turning masscan into a Shodan/ZoomEye like search engine). then …

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如何使用Cisco Anyconnect VPN - 基于证书的认证

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  • 我已经测试了Android和Windows版本,但我不能保证 iOS和BB10 的教程的准确性,因为我没有这些设备,屏幕截图是其他用户的贡献


  • 保持您的软件最新,使用Windows 7或以上,并始终确保您的系统是最新的


  • 严格遵循教程所说的内容

  • 不要改变任何你不明白的设置。愚蠢的问题,如“我该怎么做,在这一步,你的教程没有提到”将被忽略


  • 如果您收到“不受信任的服务器阻止”错误,请点击“更改设置”,然后取消选中“阻止不受信任的服务器”
  • 每当提示“你想继续?”,是的,你想

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