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About me

  • I am jm33_m0 jm33_ng, an enthusiast in penetration testing, Linux, have been using Arch Linux as my daily OS since 2014 (now using Kali Rolling), now using Windows 10 with my *nix setup

My Skills

  • Self-learning :)

  • Penetration testing

  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering

  • Security event handling

  • Go, Python, Bash, PowerShell, C

  • A little web development experience (from static site like this one)

  • GNU/Linux user since 2010, and very familiar with it


  • Sep 2014: started college

  • Oct 2014: started using Arch Linux and learning Linux

  • Mar 2016 built this site

  • June 2016 started using Cloudflare

  • Aug 2016 moved this site to Github Pages

  • Sep 2016 comment system now ready to use, thanks to @farseerfc

  • Mar 2017 changed profile pic

  • Apr 2017 removed 多说 due to service shutdown

  • Apr 2017 changed name to jm33_ng

  • May 2017 rebuilt this site using updated pelican-bootstrap3 theme

  • Jun 2018 updated blog, migrate to Github CDN with HTTPS enforced

  • July 2018 finished college