Parsing Large XML With Go

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i have a huge XML file (about 700MB) generated by masscan, initially i was trying to use masscan-web-ui to parse the file, which was extremely slow of course (have to admit that Offensive Security has done a great job for turning masscan into a Shodan/ZoomEye like search engine). then …

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A Tour Of Go - My First Step To Golang

Basic Types

  • bool(true/false)

  • string

  • int int8 int16 int32 int64 / and uint equivalences, uintptr

  • byte(alias for uint8)

  • rune(alias for int32, represents a Unicode code point)

  • float32 float64

  • complex64 complex128


  • := is used to set a new variable without declaring it, like this new_var := 1

  • << is used to …

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