Parsing Large XML With Go

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i have a huge XML file (about 700MB) generated by masscan, initially i was trying to use masscan-web-ui to parse the file, which was extremely slow of course (have to admit that Offensive Security has done a great job for turning masscan into a Shodan/ZoomEye like search engine). then …

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KCP是一个快速可靠协议,能以比 TCP浪费10%-20%的带宽的代价,换取平均延迟降低 30%-40%,且最大延迟降低三倍的传输效果。纯算法实现,并不负责底层协议(如UDP)的收发,需要使用者自己定义下层数据包的发送方式,以 callback的方式提供给 KCP。 连时钟都需要外部传递进来,内部不会有任何一次系统调用。



What is Shadowsocks-Plus?

How do I use it …

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My First C-Sharp Project


You can find its Github homepage here

What I want to say

  • C# with .Net is actually the best language for developing Windows apps
  • Haven't used C# before, I heard it's a Java-like language (dunno Java, either) for Windows
  • I'm learning a lot from developing this... (thanks to Visual …

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