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i was living near my campus for the whole last month, because of which, i barely felt anything when everyone was saying goodbye to each other. i could still go to my school for food or fun, just like before.

the only difference i noticed, was that i can never go back to my dorm and meet my lovely roomates there.

i left school for a trip on July 10, with my parents and my gf.

now im back in Beijing again, lukily, not alone, my dear gf is still by my side. i want to thank her for being with me when everyone that was once around has left.

my mom said next time i go home, the destination should not be my school again. somehow i felt like, oh god im now an outsider to the school that has become part of my life, and i dont even know what reason it will be, if i ever wanted to go there again.

everyone has left, for their own future, and our school is no longer what we remember, the place that we see as home for the last 4 years is about to become home for newbies.

it just feels like a part of you has been taken away, and your heart is full of lonelines, again.

thank you all for being my friends.


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