Link to the course:

Why do you learn it?

  • I once used the SEED lab VM, which this course is based on
  • This course (taught by University of Maryland) is the best hands-on cybersecurity course I've ever known
  • I plan to study info-sec in graduate school, and this course will strengthen my fundamental knowledge

Is it free?

  • By all means, yes!
  • You might need to apply for a financial aid to unlock the assessment part (along with a cert), otherwise you will be unable to test your knowledge
  • and don't worry, Coursera grants you free access as long as you ask them for it

What will I learn?

  • Here is the syllabus of Software Security
  • From the way I see it:
    • Binary part
    • Web part
    • Defense
    • Code review
    • Pentest
  • Of course, this is just Software Security


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