thank you all for your support


what it does

  • an easy-to-use cli ui
  • execute any adpated exploits with process-level concurrency
  • some built-in exploits (automated)
  • zoomeye host scan (10 threads)
  • google page crawler with gecko and firefox (not fully working)
  • a simple baidu crawler (multi-threaded)
  • webshell manager (deprecated)
  • more to come...

getting started

git clone
cd massExpConsole
  • if you ran and saw missing python modules, please run pip3 install -r requirements.txt (if anything is not listed, please leave a comment)
  • now you should be good to go
  • install any dependencies mentioned on GitHub

what you need to know

  • please read the disclaimer on Github
  • kali linux is recommended for running this tool
  • if you need to add custom exploits, make sure you have done chmod +x before using them (and they can be executed like ./exploit), also, your exploits should always take the last argument passed to them as target ip

how to contribute

  • if you had any issues, please report them to
  • open a pull request when you have fixed any bugs or added any features
  • i would appreciate you adding your own adapted exploits to this repo
  • any suggestions are welcomed


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