get-rich han

lets start with profit


its more than a joke, coz its not just "yeah, illegal business generally brings you much more profit than legal business does", its also implying, that


so true, you cant expect earning that much of profit in the open market, to earn more, you have to take more risk

with tech

internet doesnt change the way business works, but it does provide a chance for better business.

basically, scale began to matter, it kind of feels like


thats how internet giants run their business, with modern tech, they can take like 1 penny a day from everyone around the world, combined, they get rich

mostly, we are talking about ads, but you can be more creative than just posting ads

some people invented botnet business, which is, a pretty good example showing how "scale" helps you make tons of money

you can do something similar, without having to be botnet, which is illegal in most cases: buy some computing nodes (or say, VPS), do business on them, as long as its profitable

with investment/debt/power

no need to explain, i think these are not for people like you and me

but if you somehow get some wonderful friends who want to invest in your thing, remember how investing works, and why it can get you rich

this post is pretty much bullshit, the author is poor as hell


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