jm33-ng's CV

Who I am


My name is Jing Mi, if you find it hard to pronounce, you can call me Jimmy instead.

Currently I live in Beijing, working for TopSec as a security researcher. I know about Linux, binary vulnerabilities, some web exploitation, and I write red-teaming tools for the company.

Besides, I am doing master's degree online at ASU, and my concentration is cyber security.

I live with my girlfriend and a parakeet who can speak some English and Birdish.

I plan to start my career in another country, if you are a recruiter and willing to sponsor me, please let me know.

What I do

  • Go, Python, Bash, C#, PowerShell, C for fun and profit
  • Linux/windows kernel hacking, rootkits, malware development
  • Binary exploitation

  • Reverse engineering, Linux/windows

  • Web pentesting
  • Crypto coins



Some of my work

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